Families of Vinyl Fences

Zucchi Vinyl Fences are divided into families. This subdivision arises over time, given the different requests and needs from customers and our desire to create more and more new and contemporary models. This is how the Privacy, Classic, SemiPrivacy, Horse and Temporary families are born.

The Privacy models, just as the name already says, arise from the need to cover and therefore not to be seen, from the outside inside the fence. Often these models are also chosen as windbreaks.

The Classic models have been designed for those who, in addition to the need to enclose a perimeter, did not want to give up a touch of design and the aesthetic side.

The SemiPrivacy models are similarly created for the reason of the Privacy Fences, distinguishing themselves however for the empty space between the slats that provides movement, thanks to the passage of air and light.

The Horse models are proposed for those who need to enclose an area for animals. These models are mostly chosen by riding schools and farmhouses.

The Temporary models were produced for fairs, parties and events. They differ from all the other models of families because, just as the name says, they are temporary fences, therefore with the possibility of disassembling them, reassembling them and changing their placement.

Privacy models

High fence with a blind panel that prevents people who are outside to see what happens inside the fence

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Classic models

These fences are definitely the most versatile, suitable for fencing pools and gardens but also used for vegetable gardens or animals

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SemiPrivacy models

They offer a limited view, giving a sense of privacy, but allow better air circulation than privacy fences

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Horse models

Particularly suitable for fencing animals, mainly used by stables and farmhouses to fence the perimeter

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Temporary models

Useful fences to be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily

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