What is the composition of the structure of Vinyl Fences?

The basic ingredient of the structure is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) homopolymer compound produced by Zucchi Vinyl Fence , with a high level of titanium dioxide pigments which guarantee long-term protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays while the modifiers of impact increase its resistance. The formulation is similar to that of PVC window coverings which have a twenty-year history and are resistant to all types of atmospheric agents.

What is the vinyl used?

Our entire product line consists of virgin polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other critical ingredients such as UV inhibitors and impact modifiers; this gives the material its durability and long-term flexibility.

What is virgin vinyl?

Quite simply, 100% new PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Zucchi Vinyl Fence does not contain recycled products. The term ‘recycled’ means bringing industrial material from the waste stream to the consumer. Even if PVC will be recycled, we do not use the waste stream as a source.

Does Zucchi Vinyl Fences turn yellow?

No. Unlike mass-produced plastic products, our product line is designed to retain its true color for life. Our production contains 10% titanium dioxide (Ti02), as well as other chemical additives that prevent degradation due to ultraviolet rays. The yellowing of vinyl products is due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The quantity of UV inhibitors present in our Vinyl Fences guarantees the seal even in areas with an extreme climate.

Can vinyl catch fire?

PVC has a flash point of 483 ° Celsius and is therefore not easily flammable. Vinyl is classified as “self extinguishing“.

How strong is vinyl?

The structure of our Vinyl Fences has been chemically implemented with impact modifiers that make the fence itself capable of providing optimal performance in any type of field.

How can I clean my Vinyl Fence?

Under normal circumstances a simple rinsing with a garden hose will suffice. For stubborn stains, however, a cleaner containing a mild abrasive is recommended.

Why buy Zucchi Vinyl Fences?

The proposed products use the complete automatic extrusion production lines of German and Austrian engineering and employ the most advanced technology for the production and formulation of the molds. The annual production capacity of the whole section of the material is 20,000 tons. Buy with confidence with a company that will be able to give you a guarantee.

Why are Zucchi Vinyl Fences among the best fences on the market?

Not all vinyl fences are the same. Our PVC fences are manufactured with the highest UV protection and with 100% virgin vinyl. This ensures long life, flexibility and weather resistance even in areas with a difficult climate. Our unique patented design makes assembly and transport much easier. Our Vinyl Fences are built to last, that’s why they are guaranteed for 20 years in white and 2 years in beige and gray. Furthermore, thanks to our highly efficient production system we are able to maintain very high quality standards while maintaining a low cost, so our customers can enjoy a very advantageous quality / price ratio.

Why do some companies sell Vinyl Fences with a 3.43 mm thickness while the Zucchi Vinyl Fence has a thickness of 3.81mm?

Companies that use 3.43mm thickness are less expensive because they use less vinyl and are not as strong; they do not have a duration equal to our PVC fences: our philosophy is to provide products of high quality and resistance, therefore we do not produce products with a thickness of less than 3.43 mm.

Can the structure of Zucchi Vinyl Fences break?

The presence of a high content of impact inhibitors prevents the breakage of the Fence, installed correctly under normal conditions of use. Of course, the dramatic and direct impact such as the blow of a car can cause damage, in the event that an element of the fence should break it is good to know that all the components of the Zucchi Vinyl Fence are easy to replace.

Can the structure of Vinyl Fences weaken in the cold?

While plastics make the Fence structure less flexible in cold weather, the components of our Vinyl Fences are designed to accommodate normal temperature swings. The impact inhibitors we use to prevent breakage also serve to withstand the harsh winter conditions.

Is vinyl bad for children and animals?

NO! Vinyl has a non-porous, smooth surface with no sharp edges or splinters. Your children and pets are actually safer than wooden fences. In addition, our Vinyl Fences have a hard surface and retain moisture.