Our Vinyl Fence, Stoccolma model, is what you need when you want to maintain privacy on your land. Stockholm is what is required when, in addition to the need for privacy, there is also the need to have a product that can make your home aesthetically beautiful.


Our Vinyl Fence, Copenaghen model, is the ideal product for those who want to have privacy but without neglecting a touch of design and aesthetics.

New Lisbona

Our Vinyl Fence, New Lisbona model, is a compact, safe and perfect fence to defend the privacy of the garden, without completely closing the space. This model differs from the others by its slope, called “jalousie”.

New York

Our Vinyl Fence, New York model is ideal for those seeking privacy but also a touch of design, to be envied. This model was born by joining together the upper part of the Roma model and the vertical slats of the Stockholm model: the peculiarity lies in the fact that the vertical slats are spaced apart, thus letting the light pass through.


Our Vinyl Fence, Milano model, was born from the request of our customers to have a model similar to Copenhagen, but with greater privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, there is a difference of 1 cm between one slat and the other, making the model more opaque.