Gallery of our Vinyl Fences

Each of our installations is made and created based on the collaboration between us and the end customer. That’s why in these photographs, you can also find works of our Vinyl Fences slightly different from the standard models: we are always available to create and modify our products according to the needs and preferences of the customer.

These Vinyl Fence models are perfect for protecting and thus creating the required privacy around the fenced area. Being 1.93m high panels, they are able to withstand high wind loads and therefore also defend against particular climatic conditions.

The Classic models of our Vinyl Fences embellish the home and garden, adding an elegant style to the property. Four different designs, adaptable to every area and every need. These models are reminiscent of the classic white wooden fences seen in American films.

Our Vinyl Fences, SemiPrivacy models, are the ideal and smart solution for the home. In these products there is the perfect combination of quality and durability, to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing perimeter for your outdoor space.

These models of VinylFences are the perfect and safest solution for all the needs of horses and livestock due to the elimination of nails and screws. In addition, our Horse Fences are made to be UV resistant, providing a long lasting stable product.