Our Vinyl Fence, Vienna model, is ideal when you want to have a well-defined area but not abandoning the idea of ​​aesthetic beauty. The wave motif, in the upper part of the fence, is that change, compared to the classic fences, that makes the difference


Our Vinyl Fence, Atene model, maintains a classic and elegant style, without losing sight of the goal: to protect the area in which it is installed and why not, to be a touch of design.


Our Vinyl Fence, Parigi model, is ideal for those looking for elegance and classicism in their fence, without abandoning linearity and elegance.


Our Vinyl Fence, Madrid model, gives a sense of freedom when it does not have an upper crosspiece to “finish the crosspieces”, on the contrary, the capitals point straight to the sky.


Our Vinyl Fence, Miami model, is perfectly suited to those who need to enclose a small portion of a garden or terrace; by doing so, a fenced and safe area is obtained at the same time, but also a design product with a refined style.