Why it is important to choose a Vynil Fence for your garden

There is a wide choice of garden fencing prices based on the type of material, shape and function the fence will have to perform. They range from simple bamboo rods that cost 10 to 30 euros per square meter, to more artistic fences in iron, wood or mesh. The wooden fences cost about 100 euros per square meter and are made up of poles, vertical wooden beams, and crossbars, the horizontal palisades. Wrought iron is obviously one of the most expensive materials, the price also depends on the decorative motifs of the bars, the cost reaches about 200 euros per square meter.

Our Vynil Fences, on the other hand, are produced with the highest UV protection and with 100% virgin vinyl. This ensures long life, flexibility and resistance to atmospheric agents even in areas with a difficult climate. Our unique patented design makes assembly and transport much easier.

Our fences are built to last, that’s why they are guaranteed for 20 years. Furthermore, thanks to our highly efficient production system, we are able to maintain very high quality standards while maintaining a low cost, so our customers can enjoy a very advantageous quality / price ratio.