Vinyl Fences, ideal for fencing the pool area

Are you planning to build a swimming pool area or do you already have it available, but the biggest problem is the need for privacy?

To be able to fully enjoy your relaxation area, to walk around in your costume and leave children and your pets in complete safety, our Vinyl Fences can be a valid solution. Especially for the prying eyes of neighbors or passers-by.

There are many reasons to choose our products to enclose and protect this area of ​​the house:

  • Our Vinyl Fences are designed to withstand atmospheric agents, so this will not be a problem throughout the year, especially in summer if the sun beats against us.
  • More than most of our models are context-adaptable, both in shape and color, which won’t make them look out of place around your pool.
  • They do not require maintenance once installed; just pass over a little water in case dirt forms there.
  • Our Vinyl Fences could also be considered as ‘do-it-yourself fences‘, as a great advantage of these is the ease of assembly: installation is not difficult and does not require specific tools. This allows installation by any bricklayer or locksmith, but also by the customer himself, as has often happened in the past. We are always available to the customer or the installer during the installation phase with assembly diagrams and by telephone.

If there is the desire to have a fence that can be removable, so that it can be removed in the winter months, our Temporary models are the perfect solution. In fact, they are created to be assembled / disassembled and therefore positioned wherever you want.

Piscina recintata con recinzioni pvc

Do you already have a model in mind that you might like?

Recintare la tua piscina con recinzioni in PVC
recinzione per piscina in pvc
protezione della piscina con recinzioni in pvc
piscina recintata con recinzione in pvc
area piscina recintata con recinzioni in pvc